Australia\’s The Ararat Advertiser has a video interview with thylacine researcher Michael Williams.

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California\’s SMN Weekly reports that a previously thought to be extinct bird has been rediscovered in Myanmar.

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TVRuckus has a video trailer of the new \”Mountain Monsters\” season.

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The Inquisitr analyzes the curious video of what appears to be a bigfoot walking through the brush in the mountains of northern Utah.

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Anomaly Radio Network

Xcuse me… Maduro Orbs Check out the original source here Anomaly’s boos

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Epoch TImes has an article on the legend of the thunderbird.

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For those following the wave of media attention regarding John Greenwald’s recently publicized Blue Book files housed at his Black Vault website…

The DMCA has been the subject of controversy since it was passed, being used and, in many cases, misused to try and take down content. Now we encounter what may just be the strangest example of misuse. Alien visitors, or at least the investigation of their possible existence, have run up against genealogy website Talk about strange encounters!

The behemoth of the genealogy industry is strong-arming The Black Vault to take down records that are in the public domain. On the surface this may seem like a laughable claim, but the company is actually serious about it.

According to John Greenwald who runs The Black Vault, “It is with great frustration to announce, that, and their subsidiary Fold3, has laid down a claim to copyright on the Project Blue Book material — which has long been labeled as “public domain” by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). is claiming ownership to the digital version of this material — despite me having records that Fold3 doesn’t even have in their archive and I received under the FOIA starting back in 1996.  They simply claimed it was 100 percent theirs and I was forced to remove it”.

UFOs meet the DMCA via an unlikely source —


Meanwhile … Blue Book files are still available at


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Worcester Massachusetts\’s Telegram reports on the growing population of \”coywolves\”.

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Mark OC on UFO Contactees and Nuclear Accidents …

Dr. George King and his band of merry followers.

One disaster story in particular stands out. It’s the story of a catastrophe at the Mayak nuclear fuel factory (formerly known as Chelyabinsk-40) near Kyshtym in Russia , something the author describes this way: “It may go down in history as the worst release of radioactive fission products to have occurred…” 

Ever heard of it? Probably not. The KGB kept such a tight lid of secrecy over the accident that for many years no one even knew when it happened. Sometime between 1954 and 1961 was the best guess anyone could come up with. The CIA knew something bad had happened in the USSR, even if they didn’t know what or when, so they sent a pilot named Gary Powers over to Russia in a U-2 spy plane to take a look. That didn’t go too well for Mr. Powers or the CIA.

Believe it or not, this is where UFOs enter the story.

The first inkling anyone had that a nuclear accident had occurred in the USSR came about in the June, 1958 newsletter of a UFO group called “The Aetherius Society.” For reasons that should be abundantly clear, I find myself unable to adequately describe to you just what The Aetherius Society is, so I’ll quote from their website:

“The Society was founded in the mid-1950s by an Englishman named George King shortly after he was contacted in London by an extraterrestrial intelligence known as ‘Aetherius’. The main body of the Society’s teachings consists of the wisdom given through the mediumship of Dr King by the Master Aetherius and other advanced intelligences from this world and beyond.”

This Aetherius fellow had a much better view of the USSR than did Gary Powers, and in April, 1958, he sent the following telepathic message to Dr. King:

“Owing to an atomic accident just recently in the USSR, a great amount of radioactivity in the shape of radioactive iodine, strontium 90, radioactive nitrogen and radioactive sodium have been released into the atmosphere of Terra.”

The article went to state that “all forms of reception from Interplanetary sources will become a little more difficult during the next few weeks because of the foolish actions of Russia.” The “Interplanetary Parliament,” it continued, would have to use an enormous amount of energy to clean up the mess, although they claimed to have saved 17,000,000 souls…

Inexplicably, the next anyone knew of the nuclear accident was in 1976, when an exiled Soviet biologist wrote about it in New Scientist magazine. Over time, more information leaked, and it was learned that “careless storage of radioactive wastes at Chelyabinsk-40 had resulted in massive destruction.” Mahaffey describes the explosion as “the world’s first ‘dirty bomb.'”

It’s a great story, but there’s a huge, gaping hole in the middle of it: No one seems to know how in hell “Atherius” knew about it in 1958. I can’t figure out why, but author Mahaffey never pursues the question; he just lets it hang there…

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High Strangeness: The Interplanetary Parliament of UFOs.


High Strangeness: The Interplanetary Parliament of UFOs.