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2015 New Mexico UFO Conference: What Does the Government Really Know?

Presented by MUFON New Mexico and made possible with the generous support of the Lucius O. Farish Research and Education Trust.

The New Mexico UFO Conference is a serious-minded exploration of the UFO topic, and features investigators, researchers, authors, and others who are well-respected in the field for their experience, knowledge, and professionalism.

The purpose of the annual conference is to showcase world-class scholarship and research; promote the scientific study of UFOs; and expand and engage diverse audiences through a high-quality educational program.


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2015 Conference Theme: What Does the Government Really Know?


Speakers: John Alexander, Nick Redfern, and Nick Pope

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Date, Time, and Location:

Saturday, October 17, 2015 — 1:30 p.m to 6:30 p.m. (Doors Open at 12:30 p.m.)


Venue: The V. Sue Cleveland High School Concert Hall (pictured), 4800 Laban Road NE, Rio Rancho, New Mexico

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“Astronaut Who Walked on Moon Says Aliens ‘Prevented Nuclear War’…”

That’s the headline making the rounds about Edgar Mitchell’s latest claims about insider knowledge of UFOs and ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence.

From “The Day the Earth Stood Still” to “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” to “E.T.,” pop culture is filled with stories about friendly, curious extraterrestrials visiting Earth to learn more about mankind. For Apollo 14 veteran Edgar Mitchell that plotline is less fiction than it is reality. The sixth man to walk the surface of the moon told Mirror online that he believes peace-keeping aliens visited our planet to prevent a nuclear war between Russia and the United States.

The idea sounds far-fetched, but Mitchell claims that military insiders viewed strange flying crafts cruising over U.S. missile bases and the White Sands facility in New Mexico, the site of the first-ever nuclear bomb detonation in 1945.

“They wanted to know about our military capabilities,” he said. “My own experience talking to people has made it clear the ETs had been attempting to keep us from going to war and help create peace on Earth.”

Source: Apollo 14 astronaut claims peace-loving aliens prevented ‘nuclear war’ on Earth | Fox News

It is an idea that every small child has had at some point. Instead of sending up rockets into space, why not simply build a huge lift.

Now a Canadian firm has been granted a patent for a ‘space elevator’ which will shoot cargo 12.4 miles into the stratosphere from where it can be launched more easily.

According to Thoth Technology, the lift would cut the cost of space flight by around one third because shuttles would not need to carry enormous amounts of fuel to get themselves off the ground.

“Astronauts would ascend to 12 miles by electrical elevator,” said Dr Brendan Quine, the inventor.

“From the top of the tower, space planes will launch in a single stage to orbit, returning to the top of the tower for refuelling and reflight.”

Source: Inflatable ‘space elevator’ invented by scientists

BBC News reports on the discovery of an article from \”The Day\’s Doings\” published 21 October 1871, on the sighting of a large creature along the western shore of Ireland.

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The Examiner has posted a video of a creature being scared off by a small dog.

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The New York Times reports that Milwaukee residents have reported a large creature slinking through its neighborhoods.

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Australia\’s Leader talks with Michael Moss, thylacine hunter, who was recently interviewed for a documentary that is being made about the thylacine.

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The Seattle TImes reviews the new book \”The Sasquatch Seeker\’s Field Manual\”.

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Anomaly Radio Network

Anomaly Radio weather alert 6/19/15 Check out the original source here Anomaly’s boos

Check out the original source here ANOMALY RADIO » Anomaly Radio Round-Up


A new picture has emerged apparently showing the mummified child promoted as an alien by Adam Dew, SlideboxMedia, Tom Carey, Don Schmitt, Jaime Maussan, and others…

Details as to the origin of the photo and disposition of the body should be forthcoming.

Jaime has repeatedly offered a bounty on the body or pictures that lead to it…

… and …

The question remains, will Jaime, Carey, & Schmitt, accept this evidence and admit their horrible mistake? Will their followers and enablers (Whitley Strieber, Linda Howe, and more) invent new conspiracy theories to accommodate this new evidence?

Time will tell…

Don Schmitt

Tom Carey

Jaime Maussan


“If the images resist criticism and analysis according to Jaime Maussan, May 6 these pictures may be analyzed by experts from around the world, which could mean a real change in history…Due to strong reviews from different personalities of American society who try to deter, to discredit the event with demands and threats…”……