BlogTalkRadio censors 9/11 truth (YouTube video by Corbett Report)

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Dear Freedom Lovers (and Blog Talk Radio users)

This is a brief announcement from SMiles Lewis (Founder of the Anomaly Radio Network and Host of the Blue Rose Report and PsiOp Radio) to let all of our listeners at Blog Talk Radio and elsewhere know that we are leaving BTR’s services behind for good due to recent issues related to the censorship of a fellow radio show host and long-time broadcaster Vyzygoth and his show BEYOND THE GRASSY KNOLL.

Vyzygoth's Beyond The Grassy Knoll


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Hosted by Vyzygoth

While I respect the rights of a business such as BlogTalkRadio to decide how their company’s services are used by its customers I neither approve of nor condone the form of censorship that BlogTalkRadio has decided to enforce at www.BlogTalkRadio.com

Blog Talk Radio should recognize its critical role in the exercising of Humanity’s and America’s Freedom of Speech (no matter how ugly) and should distance itself from the Military Industrial Complex as a sign of allegiance to the founding principles of the United States of America and its Bill of Rights & Constitution than to the Bush Administration’s Official Myth of what happened on September 11th, 2001.

As the Founder of the ANOMALY RADIO Network (which plays host to 18 different radio shows each day via www.AnomalyRadio.com) I support the freedom of my show hosts to discuss whatever they want. While I might not agree with everything they do or say, I respect their right to express themselves and trust them not to defame, liable or incite violence. And I encourage them to ALWAYS Question Authority and the Official Story of EVERYTHING.

In the spirit of celebrating True Liberty we implore you to Voice Your Opposition to Censorship at BlogTalkRadio.com and to join us at The Anomaly Radio Network for discussion of all things anomalous, paranormal and especially everything parapolitical – eschewing left wing and right wing political-theater with a fully informed understanding of Deep-Politics, ParaPolitics, Covert-Ops / PsyOps and Psychological Warfare.

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Sincerely, SMiles Lewis.

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Chinese hackers pose a clear and present danger to U.S. government and private-sector computer networks and may be responsible for two major U.S. power blackouts.

Computer hackers in China, including those working on behalf of the Chinese government and military, have penetrated deeply into the information systems of U.S. companies and government agencies, stolen proprietary information from American executives in advance of their business meetings in China, and, in a few cases, gained access to electric power plants in the United States, possibly triggering two recent and widespread blackouts in Florida and the Northeast, according to U.S. government officials and computer-security experts.

One prominent expert told National Journal he believes that China’s People’s Liberation Army played a role in the power outages. Tim Bennett, the former president of the Cyber Security Industry Alliance, a leading trade group, said that U.S. intelligence officials have told him that the PLA in 2003 gained access to a network that controlled electric power systems serving the northeastern United States. The intelligence officials said that forensic analysis had confirmed the source, Bennett said. “They said that, with confidence, it had been traced back to the PLA.” These officials believe that the intrusion may have precipitated the largest blackout in North American history, which occurred in August of that year. A 9,300-square-mile area, touching Michigan, Ohio, New York, and parts of Canada, lost power; an estimated 50 million people were affected.

Officially, the blackout was attributed to a variety of factors, none of which involved foreign intervention. Investigators blamed “overgrown trees” that came into contact with strained high-voltage lines near facilities in Ohio owned by FirstEnergy Corp. More than 100 power plants were shut down during the cascading failure. A computer virus, then in wide circulation, disrupted the communications lines that utility companies use to manage the power grid, and this exacerbated the problem. The blackout prompted President Bush to address the nation the day it happened. Power was mostly restored within 24 hours.

Complete article here: National Journal Magazine – China’s Cyber-Militia

Read More (image from this article):

Chinese Hackers Break into MEA ServersTechtree News Staff

What are ‘centipedes,’ and why are they always crawling out of the walls of contemporary politics?

By Bruce Sterling May 29, 2008

(((Because they work.)))

On Dec 15, 2006, at 9:57 AM, Pete Welsch wrote:


My friends and I have been going back and forth on list for the last couple of days trying to figure out what you’re referring to when you mention “centipedes” on your Wired blog. Don’t suppose I could trouble you for a canonical definition?

*Yeah, okay. “Centipedes” are covert conspiracies meant to drive politicians from power by creating moral panics. Centipedes have the same dynamics as modern terror-groups, but they exploit sexual scandal instead of bloody mayhem. Centipedes are a cheap, highly effective, low-risk, highly-mediated method of political destabilization.

Centipedes are new phenomena because the barriers-to-entry in media have crashed. This means that subversive efforts formerly isolated and punished as libel, slander and whispering campaigns can swiftly take on avalanche proportions.

While pretending to be about spontaneous indignation and moral values, centipedes are coolly calculated and all about power.

The asymmetrical advantage that enables a “centipede” is that the conspirators themselves are never outed. They plot, they find a sexual weakness, they accumulate data about it, they launch a scandal from out of the woodwork, and while exposing private deeds to the public glare, the conspirators themselves remain unseen.

My blog lists a host of these political events that have recently taken place in societies all over the world: India, Greece, Poland, Indonesia, South Africa, Britain, USA. (((And Canada.))) I named them “centipedes” because they are segmented, covert, and poisonous. They seem to have a remarkable commonality as a species.

The common or garden centipede has the following canonical centipede features:

A. a prominent, powerful victim.

B. an alleged sexual partner of the victim, who may or may not be disgruntled and going public willingly.

C. Leaked illegal sex wiretaps, leaked illegal sex videos; covertly acquired blackmail material. Hackers and private investigators often show up here. Political opposition research people and intelligence agencies are likely actors here, too.

D. Partisan Internet activists: mailing lists, bloggers, online video sites.

E. Actresses, singers or models. These women may or may not be the sexual partners, but they are very useful in attracting mainstream press attention. It helps a great deal in provoking moral panic if the women are (a) already famous (b) glamorous (c) rich (d) pretty. A politician having an affair with an ugly, overweight, middle-aged proletarian woman would be pretty much centipede-proof.

F. Opposition politicians willing to act all shocked, shocked and who can demand a swift purge of the victim.

G. Digital media, tabloid press, cable TV, mainstream media (exploited in that strict order).

H. A police investigation or even just the rumor of one.

I. A ferocious and salacious public that stampedes at the thought that politicians have illicit sex just like they do.

J. Various gaudy, multicolored optional features: drug use; molested teenage boys; religious leaders (especially bluenoses and anti-porn campaigners, who are especially vulnerable to centipede attacks); voyeur-porn entrepreneurs who can sell sex-videos commercially; purloined email and recorded AIM chats; confiscated computers; stolen phonecams; wiretapping equipment; anonymous mailouts of defamatory DVDs.

A successful centipede drives a politician out of power at top speed. A failed centipede gets no viral-media traction; it’s just a nasty rumor. It’s common to see centipedes visibly stage-managed with salvo after salvo of carefully timed revelations. A truly failed centipede would end with the conspirators in court, but I’ve never yet seen that happen. bruces.

What are ‘centipedes,’ and why are they always crawling out of the walls of contemporary politics? | Beyond the Beyond from Wired.com

Charles Fort

Charles Fort, writer and pioneer of paranormal investigations

Is there anybody out there, Mr Fort?

CHARLES FORT: THE MAN WHO INVENTED THE SUPERNATURAL by Jim Steinmeyer (William Heinemann, £16.99)


For many of us, the paranormal will, like cheese fondue and Mateus Rose, be forever associated with the 1970s. This was, after all, the decade of Erich Von Daniken, Charles Berlitz and the TV series The Mysterious World Of Arthur C. Clarke.

The Seventies were, as a scientist at Loch Ness recently told a friend of mine, ‘a very credulous era’. This is a fact, as anyone who ever bought a Ronco button-o-matic will testify.

The truth, however, is that the paranormal was fashionable in the 1920s, making it the psychic equivalent of Oxford bags – those wide baggy trousers.

The man credited with kick-starting the weird world as we know it is Charles Fort. Fort’s name may at first seem unfamiliar, but once you know his followers dubbed themselves Forteans, his place in the universe becomes altogether clearer.

Jim Steinmeyer – who wrote a well-received history of the Golden Age of stage magic – has produced a richly entertaining and illuminating biography of the author who brought spontaneous combustion, water-divining and UFOs into the public domain.

His book is sub-titled The Man Who Invented The Paranormal. This is a bold claim, especially since writers have been focusing on the weird and the monstrous since Beowulf.

The difference is, of course, that Edgar Allen Poe, Arthur Machen and co. wrote of the paranormal as fiction. Fort wrote of it as fact; meticulously cataloguing the bizarre and the unexplained on thin strips of paper, which he filed in shoeboxes lining the wall of his New York study.

(Whether he invented the paranormal or not, Fort may well be the world’s first geek.)

Without Fort there would, in all likelihood, have been no Bermuda Triangle, no Chariots of the Gods. Agent Fox Mulder, of X Files fame, is his spiritual grandson.

The man who invented the word ‘teleporter’ was born in Albany, New York, in 1874, the son of a prosperous grocer. His mother died when he was a child, and his father tended towards the brutal end of autocratic, beating his three sons regularly and locking them in a darkened cellar for days at a stretch. Charles escaped into journalism and pulp fiction.

By the age of 20, Fort’s appearance – stocky, moustached, bespectacled, nervously agitated – variously called to mind Teddy Roosevelt and Oliver Hardy.

As a writer, he had a gift for amusing similes and the vernacular speech of tenement life. It was this that caught the attention of Theodore Dreiser, then editing periodicals, but soon to emerge as one of the most influential novelists of the age.

Read more … Is there anybody out there, Mr Fort? | Mail Online

A political rally has been broken up in Russia by a remote-controlled flying penis.

Kremlin critic Garry Kasparov was addressing supporters when it was released.

The former chess champion managed to keep a fairly straight face in front of 500 Kremlin critics.

Eventually a security guard swatted the obscene helicopter device out of the air.

It was reportedly set off by pro-Kremlin Young Russia activists.



Anomaly Television – Flying Penis Disrupts Russian Press Conference with Gary Kasparov


BUSTED : Murdoch Media Uses Online Game Art For War Propaganda, Claims It Came From Al Qaeda

The Australian newspaper has illustrated a thoroughly discredited story about Al Qaeda and WMDs with a piece of art from an online video game. The Australian newspaper claimed the above was “supplied”. But supplied by who? Al Qaeda? News agencies? Corporate American intelligence agencies? Or someone in The Australian’s own art department?

Previously: According to Rupert Murdoch’s The Australian, the above image turned up on an Al Qaeda website. Or on a website populated by people who claim to be Al Qaeda. Or it was ’supplied’ to The Australian newspaper by the corporate American intelligence agency that claims to monitor Al Qaeda websites, and then sells what they find for big dollars to the world’s media? It’s hard to keep track.

The Australian newspaper is supposed to Murdoch’s ‘quality broadsheet’ down under, but clearly they are more than happy to pump Al Qaeda propaganda as much as the dozens of trash Murdoch tabloids in the US, the UK and Australia.

But don’t worry about that massive credibility gap. This imagery (we now know comes from a video game – ed) came with a terrible warning of doom…. or as it’s more commonly known, complete and utter bullshit:

Groups that monitor Islamic websites say al-Qaeda will post a new video in the next 24 hours urging jihadists to use biological, chemical and nuclear weapons to attack the West, the FBI said.

The FBI warning came as the US-based monitoring group SITE said the video encouraging terrorists to develop and detonate weapons of mass destruction in the US and Europe was posted on an Islamist militant forum.

SITE also released a computer-generated image, showing Washington DC in the aftermath of a nuclear attack, which reportedly appeared on an Islamist forum.

The 39-minute, documentary-style video, titled Nuclear Jihad: The Ultimate Terror, was posted on the al-Ekhlaas forum on May 25, SITE said in a statement.

Read more here: YOUR NEW REALITY

Group Is Facing Setbacks Globally, CIA Chief Says

By Joby Warrick Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, May 30, 2008; A01

Less than a year after his agency warned of new threats from a resurgent al-Qaeda, CIA Director Michael V. Hayden now portrays the terrorist movement as essentially defeated in Iraq and Saudi Arabia and on the defensive throughout much of the rest of the world, including in its presumed haven along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

In a strikingly upbeat assessment, the CIA chief cited major gains against al-Qaeda’s allies in the Middle East and an increasingly successful campaign to destabilize the group’s core leadership.

While cautioning that al-Qaeda remains a serious threat, Hayden said Osama bin Laden is losing the battle for hearts and minds in the Islamic world and has largely forfeited his ability to exploit the Iraq war to recruit adherents. Two years ago, a CIA study concluded that the U.S.-led war had become a propaganda and marketing bonanza for al-Qaeda, generating cash donations and legions of volunteers.

U.S. Cites Big Gains Against Al-Qaeda

Uncontacted tribe in Brazil

The government said the name of the tribe was not known but the warriors were strong and healthy.

One of South America’s few remaining uncontacted indigenous tribes has been spotted and photographed on the border between Brazil and Peru.

The Brazilian government says it took the images to prove the tribe exists and help protect its land.

The pictures, taken from an aeroplane, show red-painted tribe members brandishing bows and arrows.

More than half the world’s 100 uncontacted tribes live in Brazil or Peru, Survival International says.

Stephen Corry, the director of the group – which supports tribal people around the world – said such tribes would “soon be made extinct” if their land was not protected.

‘Monumental crime’

Survival International says that although this particular group is increasing in number, others in the area are at risk from illegal logging.

BBC NEWS | Americas | Isolated tribe spotted in Brazil

Concerns about Wi-Fi connectivity are plentiful: potential security risks, lack of a signal and the cost to connect among them. But some New Mexico city residents are taking it one step further, claiming they’re suffering from allergic reactions to Wi-Fi.

Now theSanta Fe group has banded together, claiming signals emanating from hot spots and Wi-Fi in public buildings are causing symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

One Santa Fe resident told local TV station KOB-TV that Wi-Fi and the electromagnetic fields it radiates are causing him severe discomfort and that he’s stumping to ban Wi-Fi signals in public buildings because he and others are allergic to the radio waves.

“I get chest pain,” Arthur Firstenberg told the TV station. “It doesn’t go away right away. I suffer for a couple of days.”

Firstenberg, 57, added: “If I walk into a room of a building that has Wi-Fi, my most immediate sign is that the front of my right thigh goes numb. If I don’t leave, I’ll get short of breath, chest pains and the numbness will spread.”

Read More Here: Santa Fe Group Says Wi-Fi Allergy Nothing To Sneeze At – Networking – IT Channel News by CRN and VARBusiness.

And Here: Scratching That Wireless Itch.

An unidentified flying object exploded in mid-air over a southern Vietnamese island, state media said on Wednesday, a day after Cambodia’s air force retracted a report of a mysterious plane crash.

The Vietnam News Agency said residents of Phu Quoc Island, 10km off the coast of the Cambodian province of Kampot, found shards of grey metal, including one 1,5m long.

“The explosion happened at about 8km above the ground, and perhaps it was a plane, but authorities could not identify whether it was a civil or military aircraft,” VNA said in a report headlined “UFO explodes over Phu Quoc Island.”

Soldiers were sent out to look for wreckage and survivors, and local authorities contacted airlines in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, but received no reports of missing aircraft, the official state news agency added.

Villagers in Kampot said on Tuesday that they had heard a loud explosion. On Wednesday they told Reuters they had found small chunks of metal near the coastline.

Kung Mony, deputy commander of Cambodia’s Air Force, said on Tuesday he had been told of a foreign plane crashing in Kampot province, but later backed off his claims of an aircraft accident. – Reuters

Vietnam reports ‘UFO’ explosion off Cambodia coast : Mail & Guardian Online